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Mouthguards protect more than just teeth.

Mouthguards are made from a plastic material called Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). EVA is strong and tough and can be easily moulded to fit precisely over your teeth and gums.

Mouthguards are the most effective protective pieces of equipment to help prevent injury to the mouth – protecting the teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue. A mouthguard does not only protect your mouth, it can also cushion blows to the mouth or jaw therefore preventing damage to the jaw, neck or brain.

Having a dentist take special impressions will create a guard to perfectly fit your mouth, teeth and gums, providing ultimate protection. The procedure is very simple; your dentist will take moulds of your teeth both upper and lower. They will be sent to the dental laboratory where our technician will fabricate your custom made guard.

All types of mouthguards will need replacing over time. Just bring yours along to your next check-up at Endeavour Hills Dental Clinic and we will inspect it for wear and tear.


Health Fund Rebates

We are registered with all health funds. Depending on your level of cover, you may receive a rebate. Please check with your health fund to determine the specific amount you may receive.

Why use a custom mouthguard?

Custom mouthguards offer the most protection for athletes while providing the best fit and comfort. Custom mouthguards are recommended for all athletes that play contact sports, from professional to kids of any age.

Offering the most advanced technology and customised by hand for the perfect fit, they are the ideal mouthguard for those playing hockey, soccer, basketball, AFL, rugby, water polo, skateboarding and lacrosse.

Custom mouthguard made to combat nighttime wear and tear are often referred to as “Bite Splints”.

Sports Mouthguards

As we all know, sport is a large part of the Australian lifestyle and is an important part of keeping fit and socialising with others for both children and adults. Unfortunately, in many sports, our teeth are at risk of damage from knocks, falls and other trauma. To best protect your teeth, we recommend that anyone playing contact sports has a custom made mouthguard. Our laboratories produce high quality, comfortable and durable mouthguards that will ensure your teeth remain protected no matter what happens.

Bite Splints

Bite splints are similar to ultra thin mouth guards, and are designed to protect your teeth from wear at night. They are excellent for patients who grind their teeth or clench their jaw in their sleep, as they help protect your teeth from the wear and tear of the added load placed on your teeth through this uncontrollable process. The team at Endeavour Hills Dental Clinic can produce a customised bite splint for you, which will be comfortable to wear and help you get a more peaceful sleep.

To book an appointment for fitting your custom sports mouthguard or bite splint, contact us today.

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