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Dental Check-Ups

A visit to Endeavour Hills dental Clinic for a routine check-up and cleaning of your mouth is a very important aspect of total mouth health.

Most people should go for a dental check-up at least every six months. At this check-up they should also have a clean and fluoride Treatment. Patients with active Gum Disease or high amounts of decay may need to go more frequently.

When you visit us, we check for more than just Tooth Decay:

  • Soft-tissues of the mouth for any abnormality or tumours
  • Jaw Joint Assessment – for any damage or signs of grinding
  • Teeth health for signs of cracks, decay, wear, erosion
  • Gum health for signs of gum disease and bone loss
  • Bite Setup for signs of grinding, cracks or damage caused to the teeth
  • Cosmetic appearance of your teeth
  • Much more

During your check-up a Dental Assistant will be assisting the Dentist by cleaning your teeth, taking any required x-rays and advising you on your home care. Your Dental Assistant can also take impressions for whitening and mouth-guards.

Your oral health is our top priority.

If more than six months have passed since your last dental assessment, look after your smile by contacting our friendly team to schedule an appointment today.

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