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Dentures & Veneers

At Endeavour Hills Dental Clinic we understand that not everyone can afford fixed dental implants, and in some cases the best way of restoring your smile is with cosmetic dentures. Our dentist will take all the necessary steps, using the latest materials, clinical techniques and knowledge of smile design to provide you with a cosmetic denture that suits you.

Are Cosmetic Dentures for me?

If you are looking to replace your missing teeth our dentists at Endeavour Hills Dental Clinic highly recommend an initial consultation to discuss your cosmetic dentures and all the alternative tooth replacement options so that you understand the pros and cons of each. Our dentists will also give you their recommended option.

Are Cosmetic Implant Retained Dentures for me?

If you have had dentures in the past or do not like the idea of dentures moving around in the mouth then a implant retained denture may be suitable for you. Implant Dentures are screwed in to hold your denture in place to prevent any movement. Call Endeavour Hills Dental Clinic to have a consultation now to see if implant dentures are suitable for you.

Missing tooth and decided you’re ready to do something about it?

Although they’ve been around for ages, today’s dentures are more comfortable and natural looking. Today’s dentures are definitely not your grandmother’s dentures!

How Dentures are made at Endeavour Hills Dental Clinic

Step 1


Moulds of your teeth and gums are taken to create custom fitted impression trays which allow for superior impressions to be taken.

Step 2

Secondary Impressions

Using the custom fitted trays, the dentist will take a second set of impressions to create an accurate blueprint of your teeth and gums. A material is then used to record the way your teeth bite together.

Step 3

Try In

Your denture is nearly ready. At this visit the dentist and yourself decide whether the dentures are the correct size, shape, and feel. Your feedback is taken into account to allow our dedicated dentist to make any last minute changes to the denture before the final fit.

Step 4

Final Fit

Your final dentures are fitted, maintenance instructions are given and you will then be able to walk out of the surgery with a few extra teeth!

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